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Oct 22, 2012 11:30pm EDT
. one away. and the batter will be jon jay. after jay you have the switch-hitting beltran and then right-handed batters coming up. the rain lightens up a bit. romo continues to get loose. lopez struck out tony cruz to end the eighth. allowed a walk and get the force-out at second here in the ninth. strike 1. >> tim: a reporter asked sergio romo what it would be like to see his first game seven in person. he said i don't know, i've never seen one, much less pitched in one. >> joe: it is pouring! >> tim: yeah. >> joe: here's the 0-1. ripped foul. strike 2. gary darling is the crew chief. it's up to him. it's in his hands if he wants to pull the tarp on and delay the rest of this night. the crowd doesn't want it. >> tim: no. >> joe: here's the 0-2. ball 1. >> tim: the crowd is probably thinking we've seen the 49ers perform in this type weather all the time. big deal. >> joe: jon jay with the rain pounding down. set up at is 1-2. one on, one out. two out. marco scutaro, who has had an mvp series, enjoying the rain. for good measure, the guy that ended the season last year as a san francisco
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1